MCSA (Windows Server Admin)

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About Course

MCSA Windows Server Admin courses are designed to provide IT professionals with the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and maintain Microsoft Windows Server environments. These courses cover a range of topics, including server installation, storage solutions, network infrastructure, server management, virtualization, and more. By completing MCSA Windows Server

Admin courses, IT professionals can develop the skills needed to configure and manage Windows Server environments, ensuring their organization’s infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, MCSA Windows Server Admin courses can prepare individuals to earn the MCSA certification in Windows Server Administration, which can validate their expertise in Windows Server technologies and enhance their career prospects in the IT industry.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Windows Server Installation and Configuration: You will learn how to install and configure Windows Server operating systems, including both GUI-based and Server Core installations.
  • Server Storage Solutions: You will learn how to manage server storage solutions, such as disk and volume management, file and share access, and data duplication.
  • Network Infrastructure: You will learn how to configure and manage network infrastructure components, including DNS, DHCP, and IP addressing.
  • Server Management: You will learn how to manage and maintain servers, including monitoring and troubleshooting, system updates, and backups.
  • Active Directory: You will learn about Active Directory Domain Services, including managing users, groups, and computers, and implementing group policies.
  • Virtualization: You will learn how to configure and manage Hyper-V virtual machines, including virtual networking and storage.

Course Content

WIndows Server Admin: Introduction to Windows Server & Networking Essential ||MCSA

  • WIndows Server Admin: Introduction to Windows Server ||MCSA
  • Understanding Ethernet technology : MCSA Windows Server Admin
  • Learn Network Topology Advanced
  • Understanding Networking Devices : MCSA Windows Server Admin
  • Understanding IP Address & Server Lab Setup |MCSA Windows Server Admin
  • OSI Model In Advanced
  • IP Address Advanced | MCSA Windows Server Admin
  • Networking Course Full Guide
  • Winows Server Crash Course For Beginner

Server Editions & Core To GUI Conversation

ADDS Services

Learning Server Storage With Labs

Print Server & DHCP Server


Remote Desktop | RDweb

DNS Server

WDS -Windows Deployment Services

NIC Teaming

WEB Service || FTP


Windows Server Backup

File Server

RRAS- Routing & Remote Access Services

Active Directory Certificate Authority


WSUS Server

Monitoring Server